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Enlightened - Joanna Chambers Murdo is badass! Murdo Balfour, who’d spent his life hiding his true feelings behind an amused little smile and a single crooked brow...

I was slow to warm to this one. I found them too formal and stuffy, but my god, Murdo is hot! He's emotional and angsty and complex and strong and struggles with his need to possess David while not being able to express it or force it.

The non-Murdo bits are still a bit dry, but Balfour is not letting David out of his sights. He doesn't trust David after the mischief he perpetrated that lead to David being pushed under a horse and injuring his leg.

The male/female dynamic is still there, but it just works for these two. The characters are well developed and the arc for each of them is beautiful. The prose becomes comforting once you get past the formality of it all.

He was done with self-sacrifice and guilt and martyred isolation. Murdo had saved him from that. Murdo had shown him he was no sinner, whatever the world might say.

I loved it! Who knew book three in a historical with the same MC's could hold my interest? But it did!

syllabub, a drink of milk from a cow mixed with cider. ugh. yuck.
obsequiously, overly obedient. (Is it wrong I like words with vowels?)
clootie dumpling, a very heavy English pudding?
Laverock, slylark

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