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Cold-Blooded Beautiful

Cold-Blooded Beautiful - Christine Zolendz Imagine if Stephen King wrote you a love poem?

Kade finds out what happened to Sam and goes ballistic...then when more shit happens he goes batshit insane.
And Kade is not someone you want to put thru these kinds of things.

I kinda ruined this for myself by peeking ahead, then trying to go back and I just spoiled it all, but I couldn't help it, the suspense and angst was too much. Lol.

Basically, they are unwillingly separated at 40% and not reunited until 74%

I don't know what made this author decide to torture Kade in the most sadistic ways possible? Yes I do, he's hysterically funny and his thoughts are cold blooded, but beautiful.

The epilogue and the tuxedo, the growth in Kade, awesome.

It's a 4 star story, minus one star for typos, verb tense nonsense, and for torturing Kade ruthlessly.