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Enslaved by the Ocean

Enslaved by the Ocean - Bella Jewel It's free to borrow through Kindle Unlimited, but not Prime-->Enslaved by the Ocean (Criminals of the Ocean Book 1)

*love the new cover too*

eta:as time has passed, I'm feeling more forgiving of this book. I did enjoy it, just was not in the mood for fantasy.

Book 2 comes out in December-->It's free through KU too-->Where Darkness Lies (Criminals of the Ocean Book 2)

Oooh, and Montlake Publishing (An Amazon Publishing imprint that is gobbling up authors.)

You’re not meant to fall for your captor.
...but some captors are total Stockholm material.

This is lighthearted and silly despite the serious topics.
It has the same tone as the POC movies, and requires some suspension of reality, accepting the fantasy.
I wouldn't have minded if it was deeper, but it was fun this way too.

Once these two go at it there's lots of gratuitous bumpin' and grinding and hair pulling, neck biting, nails digging in, dirty dancing. Very sexy, but a bit too much.

Final count
Bodies = 22
Orgasms = 9

Four star story minus one for typos, excessive death and "clenching" (24 occurences)

In America, a singlet is for wrestling or naughty sex, but it's not a wifebeater or tank top as it was used in the text.

And where is this place with all these islands and everybody speaks English? Not one person even has an accent, yet he calls her a Spanish nickname.

It would have been 10 times more interesting if Kane had arranged for the yacht to blow up and her to be captured by pirates. Then he showed up to finish the job when she escaped.

#2 Jess and Dimitri December 2014 (Where Darkness Lies (Criminals of the Ocean Book 2)
[bc:Where Darkness Lies|19275709|Where Darkness Lies (Criminals of the Ocean, #2)|Bella Jewel|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1412705324s/19275709.jpg|27323197]
#3 Drake