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Spin - C.D. Reiss Amazon-->Spin (The Corruption Series Book 1)
"You mean there’s still a mafia?”
“Yes, Virginia, there is a mafia."


This girl thinks with her "wettest spot" and her wet spot gets her into a ton-o-trouble.
She's all over the place and so is he. They're both nuts.
The dirty sex and the violent capo carry the book, glossing over lots of weird crap that doesn't flow or make sense.
The writing is intentionally jangly to create tension. Well, I hope it's intentional, otherwise it's just bad.
I knew something was not clicking for me from the first sentence/paragraph, which I had to reread several times to even get a glimpse of understanding.
This book requires a certain amount of letting go, enjoying the crazy ride. It reminded me of a night time soap like Dallas or Falcon Crest. That's not really my thang. I like my stories firmly based in reality.

The audio for this book is gonna be awkward...

“I want you,” I said. “I want you to fuck my virgin ass so hard.“

“Every day,” he whispered, “I’ll take you like this. In the morning, before coffee, I fuck you. At night, I fuck you harder. In our bedroom, our living room, our kitchen, I’ll love you in every room. Mi amore, I’ll break you with my love and put you back together. And when I retire, you still call me Capo because you’re mine. Always mine.“

Ameliorate, to make something bad, better.