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MacKenzie Fire

MacKenzie Fire - Elle Casey First of all, this book is less than 200 pages, not 375 like it says.

I agree with the reviews, this is funny and it's good and Ian is hot. Although I hate the name Ian cuz I never know if it's eye-an or ee-an. Whatever. Eye-an is hot.

I was following along fine and even liking Candice, pleased with the theme of her finding home and Ian's behavior being enabled by his family.
Then it dropped off a cliff somewhere around 80% at the instalove sex-without-kisses rushed ending.

The subtext was good without being too vague, but the conflict was too external and juvenille, with the town gossip from three fucking years ago.

I'd like more smexy Eye-an time. I'd like to see her go deeper and confront his stupid ass. I'd rather see chicks he banged and deal with the consequences of his reputation, not poor Andie who just popped out a baby and should care less about town gossip and making friends and focus on getting some sleep!

Also, why do small towns always have full restaurants, huge parties, and mechanic shops when it's supposed to be a SMALL town?

The first person present tense POV was super intense and threw me out of the story several times.
"I'm laughing." "He stops laughing." "I'm laughing all the way into the house."

Kudos though for only two typos and some funny-as-hell stuff. And I'm happy to finally see Ian get his HEA. He seemed very content. Good for him.

Before Reading:
It's out now on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KANKYJE/?tag=angedi-20
MacKenzie Fire: The Sequel to Shine Not Burn

It was terrible. A very emotional time for everyone, but especially Ian of course. He still hasn’t recovered.

Ian is the second from the left.
He's the brother who's bachelor party was in Vegas, but the wedding was cancelled based on miscommunication about the events of that weekend.
He planned to leave the ranch, but two years later he was still bitter and castrating calves.
He needs his HEA.
I stole this sweet cowboy from a friend's review;

He was a (baseball) superstar in high school, but he wasn’t interested in doing it in college. We never could figure that one out. He had offers.

They used to fight a lot like that - she’d (Ginny) go off the handle on him and then he’d shut down and give her the silent treatment. He doesn’t do well with shouting and she’s definitely a shouter.

He’s just surviving day-to-day, drinking too much, partying way too much in town. He hates it here. He had a job all lined up in Portland, working as an architect in this new firm. His first job out of school. But after the Ginny thing, he just couldn’t deal. He blew them off, blew off all his plans for the future.

From her blog;
I'm currently working on several projects. Number one is MacKenzie Fire, which is the sequel to romance Shine Not Burn that was published last summer. I expect this book to be finished sometime in March. I was originally shooting for February, but for reasons expressed below, it’s not going as quickly as I’d expected.

From her newsletter;The sequel to SHINE NOT BURN is (still) underway! I hope to have MACKENZIE FIRE up for you in April.

And based on the first chapter here's some spoilers;

It's Candice! The hair stylist BFF from the first book!
Ian's eyes are green!
It's one year later, Andie's preggo and Candice comes to Oregon for the birth since she's the God mother.
Ian is still pissy about the Ginny thing.
And she's hysterical. Rockin some Northern Exposure boots with pom poms.
She's pissed at Ian for giving Andie grief, and she's gonna teach him some R E S P E C T...find out what it means to me. LMFAO.