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(Watch Me) Break You (Run This Town, #1)

(Watch Me) Break You (Run This Town, #1) - Avril Ashton (Watch Me) Break You (Run This Town Book 1)

A slew of hard-core typos really threw me off and made it hard for me to trust the story.

I think maybe I didn't get the insta-love set up of the whole thing until after the reveal. The last 20% felt more organic to me.

I did love their crazy hot mess, off the rails, I need you to beat me crap. Awesome raw, gritty, chaos and drama.

I would have liked to see some of the angst juxtaposed with more ice. These bad boys were a little too emo, kissy, soft. They often acted by proxy, which I found weak. Making a phone call for someone else to do your dirty work is not badass.

I agree the sex is hot and intimate. They came in their pants a lot for grown men. They also come several times without any stimulation to their dick except dirty talk or whipping.

He beat Dima until his hand ached. Until X was on his toes, fighting the orgasm threatening to burst him wide open.

For me, in the end, it was a four-star story, minus one star for mind-numbing typos.
...fuckers made him wanted to shoot somebody.