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Ghost's Sight

Ghost's Sight - Morwen Navarre The truth can be a danger.
***New M/M Fantasy Romance*** [b:Ghost's Dilemma|23849597|Ghost's Dilemma (Ghost's Sight #2)|Morwen Navarre|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1418621417s/23849597.jpg|43476023] by Morwen Navarre
A fierce male witch is torn from his protective lover's bed to face down a deadly threat.
A homoerotic romance set in an imaginative world of survival.

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[b:Ghost's Sight|23849804|Ghost's Sight (Ghost's Sight #1)|Morwen Navarre|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1418621969s/23849804.jpg|26087856] Book 1 of the series is also on sale for a limited time at Torquere Books http://goo.gl/w1WDRL

Excerpt http://goo.gl/z8IElx

Ghost's Sight FB Series Page http://goo.gl/6jR9RX

Book two can be read as a stand alone.

Ghost's Sight on Amazon-->Ghost's Sight
Ghost's Dilemma on Amazon--> Ghost's Dilemma