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Silver & Black

Silver & Black - Tyler May [bc:Silver & Black|23252649|Silver & Black|Tyler May|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1420837827s/23252649.jpg|42794836] So very curious about this one. http://smile.amazon.com/Silver-Black-Tyler-May-ebook/dp/B00U33M5HA/?tag=angeledits-20

Umm, not curious anymore.
This was... not good. I mean like NOT GOOD!!

I wrote it like that to match the style of the book. Disturbing overuse of all-caps, italics, bold, and double exclamation points. Lots of other not good stuff not worth mentioning.

"His stare is deep and examining. I can see contemplation in his eyes."

So, do not recommend. Or read the sample first to see if you can stand it. Appears many seem to be fine with it.

Me, not so much.