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On Becoming Childwise: Parenting Your Child from 3-7 Years

On Becoming Childwise: Parenting Your Child from 3-7 Years - Gary Ezzo, Robert Bucknam Things I learned from this book;
1) don't fear disappointment, or responsibility. Life is not about what feels good all the time. pleasure principle. You do them no favors by making the road easy.

2) we can show love for them by demonstrating our love for each other. Prioritize Mom/Dad talking to show the marriage is stable, daddy loves mommy, and instill confidence in the child. Show affection in front of them (me likey)

3) this first phase of parenting is boot camp. we are the guardians of their little souls. the next phase is training, then coaching, then friendship.

4) i gave 16 time outs yesterday over 3 children. It doesn't mean I was doing it wrong, it means I was doing it right. Caring enough about them to address their behavior and teach them. They just had a lot to learn yesterday. Tomorrow should be easier.

5)I need to teach her to be courteous to siblings as a model for their future spouse and children.

6) teaching values and morals at this age is critical, not optional. My strong willed child is smart enough to digest even complicated nuances of compassion, courtesy, kindness. She also is smart enough to fight me to make sure i meant it.

This book is more philosophical than practical application. In the end, count to three then consequences...but it's also good to highlight the moral lessons i should be teaching.

Man this shit is hard. But if it were easy, I'd be bored.