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More than Meets the Ink

More than Meets the Ink - Elle Aycart This book is alot like a Kristen Ashley book, on steroids! It has a lead named Tate, bounty hunter, psycho ex, witty sexy alpha male dialog. Similar to Sweet Dreams

the differences are that the sex is more....intense and detailed in this one, which i like. You definitely want to read this alone, not in a crowded place. You'll also want your hubby near by.

I liked being in James' head, his POV is very hot and heavy and almost stalkerish. He is totally pussy whipped.

Where the book is different from KA is the depth and detail of the story. What does everyone in the story look like? What's he wearing? does he have stubble?

Also, some very awkward dialogue in parts. Just a few, but enough to hurt the credibility of the overall book.

4 typos, one very serious one, calling the lead "cassie" instead of "Tate"

Having a girl named Tate was also very distracting after having a male lead named Tate in Sweet Dreams.

Overall, the great sex and James won me over. He had some really great alpha male moments and the filthy-ist sexiest mouth of any book I've read. Could put Tack to shame. "That's right, look at your pussy milking my dick" And just the way he was frantic and mesmerized by her, overlooking all her flaws. Awww..it's so cute how she cheats at bingo and is so fiesty. LOVED the scene where he waits while inside her and tells her to touch herself, trying to control himself and show his anger without letting the intensity of it all show in his face.

The brothers seemed way too involved in his life. He also had some really weak moments, where he wasn't alpha at all. Dancing with old ladies, hanging out at the restaurant like a puppy waiting for her. Working in the garden? huh? a tat of wolf eyes on his collar? hmmm....

Anyway, very good, looking forward to reading Bowen #2...coles story

If this is EA's first book, she should be very proud of it. I'm surprised she doesn't have more published. But I think I saw on her site Max's story is on the way.