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Liberating Lacey

Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun
'hunter was like a wild bird of prey. talons exteneded wings hovering in the air.'

'this sex in a relationship shit was insanely complicated'

'women like you dont stay with a man like me'

'you' ll find someone else, someone like him'

hunter is incredibly sexy, strong, fragile, confident but insecure. sweet and tough. his internal thoughts at odds with his stoic demeanor. he completely comes unraveled by her, like a teenage boy.

i can see how he feels threatened by her, but he cant walk away either. i think she's good for him.

the only thing that really bothered me was ' paycheck to paycheck ' a single cop working overtime and a second job should have some money saved up. he lives modestly.

lots of sex in this book, not complainin, but its a long book. its good, glad i finally got to it.

awful cover, several typos.