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Decadent - Shayla Black 3.5 stars. I liked Decadent and Deke much better than WT and Jack. I just thought Deke was hotter. These books require a buy in to the lead and I just bought Deke. I just did. there is no bondagein this one, which i liked for some reason.

Love Luc and Deke as a team. Luc was difficult for me to imagine since he's so fem sometimes. I pictured sort of Johnny Depp mixed with Dave Grohls from Chilli peppers. I dunno.

NO trouble picturing Deke, tall strong, lean, cut, military looks. David Beckham but meaner. LOL.

Liked how the books tied together. Jacks comment was so awkward.

The dialog in this one is much less awkward overall than WT.