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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - Kristen Ashley "Fucking you now"

Tate is decadent, and this book is gratuitous. The first half is five stars, because of Tate, the second half is three stars, because Tate softens and the writing feels just indulgent. Similar to a fanfic, where situations are created simply for the fact it's fun to watch Tate do it. Tate in the pool, Tate giving gifts, Tate in a suit, Tate jealous. All Yummy. but not necessarily plot driving.

Several reviews criticised the punctuation and grammar,but technically, I only found three real typos (which is shockingly normal for ebooks). Kristen Ashley's first person writing style with run-on confusing sentences make you feel like you are in her head. People love that or hate that, similar to Twilight or fanfic. Knight is chock full of it.

If you buy into to Tate, then you buy into anything he does and every detail and thought about him become very important just so you can imagine him looking like that. Silly confrontations with exes are interesting when Tate is the one talking.

Tates "Fuck me, baby" "It'll be interesting to see if you light up like that when I'm giving it to you regular" "Gotta get a ring on that finger" The way he talks in dirty short sentences, just yum yum.

Things that kept this book from being 5 star: Tate getting way too sweet, I started to imagine him as Woody from Toy Story.
Way too much funeral and christmas and food detail. KA is going to make me fat with all her food descriptions.
Huge fail on not including a jacuzzi with the pool. What the heck? All pools have jacuzzi's.
Lauren becomes unlikable when she starts decorating and he wusses out letting her add girly stuff to his pad.
Denying Tate the rescue. What the heck?

Big pet peeve, Tate talks about being dirty and being dominant (getting to be the one to play), but we get absolutely NO description of what that entails. WTF? Tie her up man....tease her...something.