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Lady Luck

Lady Luck - Kristen Ashley 5 unnecessary and annoying typos. His for her, grrrr....

Ty is hot. big. strong. but he doesn't use his strength for much of anything thru the whole long book.

THe main action happens off screen and Ty gets lots of phone calls with lots of long paragraphs of info in which nothing happens to him directly.

THe sex is very short and vague. Nothing like the Gamble.

So, my favortie KA books in order are 1) the gamble 2) sweet deamsn 3) law man. Just in case you are wondering where to start with KA. those are my recs.

Man this woman is a prolific writer. Lady Luck reminded me of Knight in that downtown kind of dirty way. I think I prefer KA more straight laced guys. I like Ty but he needs an edge and he need to beat someone up.

I LOVED the scene where she catches him with his fist in the shower. Memorable. and I like the way he "adds em" about the bouquet. I like how he wished he watched her open the diamonds andI like how he slowly became himself again as trust grew with her.

I saw a story about a man like this on TV and thought it wouldbe a great book,b ut I think it needed more depth like the Gamble had and more sex too.