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Stranger - Megan Hart Sam is a bit immature, but sexy, and has serious self-deprecating personality. He feels he's not worthy. We all know this is charming, but can also be convincing and self-fulfilling.

The girl, is strong, and has abandonment issues, but we get no real physical description of her and not sure why she is drawn to Sam's childish antics if she is so mature. But we never really get her age, so I just assumed she's young and not discerning.

The best part of the book is Jack from Dirty being the biggest and sexiest part of the book. Most of the story is about him. I think he symbolizes the before aspect of her and Sam is her after.

I like the way Sam got pissed when he found out. Sometimes that doesn't happen in books. Especially with deviant behavior, like the BDSM, the lead is rarely called to answer for doing these things.

I like Megan Hart ALOT and the third Star here is for Jack and the tie in to Dirty (and Elle and Dan) and the lack of typos.

Elle and Dan are generic in this one and there is almost no hint of their personality before.

One of the reviews of this book critcised the ending, but I was OK with it. I cried during the separation and was OK with the reunion. I do agree that MH tends to end her stories suddenly and leaves much of the self revelation to the reader to guess.

Hope the loose ends are tied up somewhere else? What happens to Sam and new york? who was the blond girl in the park?

THe characters are sort of schizo in this book, shifting personalities quickly, but still LOVE Megan Hart's style. It's different and sexy.