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Femme Chattel

Femme Chattel - Dakota Lynn This poor sweet man has denied himself everything for so long. Raised by a cold stoic workaholic and no mother, he never loved anyone and no one loved him. Not even any of the staff who raised him. And he never gave in to his desire for Kinky Fuckery because of fear of the media, fear of his fathers disapproval, even his boss' disaproval. So he pretended, avoided, did not live, only worked and had disappointing sex with strangers. So heartbreaking.

He is also forced to only be second in command (VP) at his fathers company below someone who is not even related (the CEO). Another punch in his gut.

So his father is dead, he finally decides to try buying a full time slave, (chattel, property) to finally get some rewarding sex for himself. Hoping to keep it a secret.

The poor man has never been a dom, never been to a club, has only minimal training and experience, and he's suddenly in charge of this whole other vulnerable person, who needs him to be strong and controlled.

He's got a whole life of masturbating to porn and fantasies of what it will be like and he has to struggle to control it, to not hurt her, once he finally gets the opportunity. He's a bit like a kid in the candy store, but also a bull in a china cabinet.

He eats grapes out of her ass and loves it, but he also leaves her alone when he shouldn't, and he has trouble with consistency 24/7.

He beats her for no reason than he's frustrated, he is uncomfortable that she has 'issues' and wants to send her back. He doesn't want her to even speak to him to avoid the 'mess'. He negotiates it all, but it's a bit awkward and scary along the way.

Slowly...slowly...he softens, he becomes human. It's beautiful. And his worst fear, to be exposed, turns out to not be so awful afterall.

NO TYPO's!! Hoorah! love that. Loved the concept of the inexperienced dom, haven't read too many of those story lines.

Some things could have been improved; less detail on the work sub-plot and a longer processing time for the resolution, more of his thoughts. Definitely needed some of her POV, and more physical description of him. In fact, we don't even know what he looks like. I imagined him like Christian or Gideon. It could have had a formal gala or ball and some drama, more outside social interactions besides the hot pool guy. Would have loved to see him beat the crap out of somebody, any of the jerks in this story. would have liked to see her enjoying the pool or american food, restaurants,and him enjoying giving her that. Heck, he could give her some diamonds too while he's at it. LOL.

Would have liked to see something happen with the pool guy? a threesome or some exhibitionism? Would like to read the pool guys book.

Anyway, I'm honored to be the first reviewer of this book.

It appears Dakota Lynn is a new author, but I expect we'll see more good stuff from her in the future.