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Crash - Nicole  Williams 8 Typos! that's a shame for such a popular book, and really really bad gramatical typos at that. Him instead of his...just embarassing really.

This book is Beautiful Disaster meets Twilight/90210. If you liked those, then you will like this.

It requires a major buy-in on Jude, but once you are in, he can do no wrong and any thing silly becomes sexy as hell.

Really liked the kiss in the classroom where she puts her legs around his waist.

The reveal at the end was unrealistic because .don't you think he would have asked if he knew her last name was Larson? don't you think he would have known/recognized the Dad right away? doesn't make sense..

Anyway, Jude is trouble with a capital T. The lead seems to always just get stuck in these situations and is very torn between adulthood and childhood.

Jude is hot thru the whole thing...Hated the ending.

Two pet peeves here 1) ..long separations where the lead is with someone else, the villain in this case 2) NO SEX!!! Please! all talk and no sex makes me grumpy. . LOL.