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Protégée - Dakota Lynn Dirk is the Mr. Miyagi of BDSM. "A dom has no purpose without a sub"
"Every dom has a little sadistic streak, just like every sub posesses a little masochism" wax on...wax off Danielson....

Credit here for NO TYPOS! Good job. Love to see that. the third star is for the lack of typos and there was very little awkward dialog or interrupted flow in the reading.

As is typical of shorter stories, character development is slightly lacking. This is a good story and I learned some new stuff I'd never heard of before, the names of poses, the auction concept, suspension.

When we are in Dirks head, he never accepts what he is feeling, so when he does, it seems sudden. His personality is also not consistent. He speaks so formally using words like 'nonetheless' but when he is 'off duty' he sounds almost geeky. "oh. wow" "you arent going to be a full-blown slave" full blown? so unintelligent. But I get the concept of showing he has a pro Dom side and a casual funny side.

I liked the jealousy aspect of it and the concept of training as a business. Worst thing you can do to your hobby is turn it into a business. Burn out comes quick.

These characters are in their 40's so that detracts from the appeal. Dirk's money comes from inheritance and running the club and training. Another Dom clearly has more money than him which is a turn off.

would have liked to see Dirk training another sub, to see him when he really is professional.

There was a missed opportunity here to show Dirks vulnerability. But yet the angst and tension was pretty good for me. I would have liked to see the resolution in both their heads of the devotion greater than hate concept. This is a smart smut book.

The second book by DL is much much better. Femme Chattel and easy to read without having read the first.