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Reckless - S.C. Stephens expected release march 5, 2013, ughhh....tick tock.....
new cover, january 2013, i cant quite see it? is that a scar? whatever. hi there kellan, how you doin?

March 2013
this one wraps a nice sweet ribbon around the first two.

The story is sort of a vanilla version of Robsten. SC Stevens must have been writing this book at the same time Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were going thru the same Hell.
Reckless is just too long, and all paragraphs that didn't start with "Kellan" could have been deleted.

I gave it 5 stars purely for Kellan's awesomeness, and the cowboy striptease.

Kellan cries at least 4 times. My fav griffen line: ' you are sthe biggest fucking pussy.' Griffen was hilarious thru out 'dude, seriously who are these people?'

Three annoying typos. Free proofing by angela...