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Rock Chick Redemption

Rock Chick Redemption - Kristen Ashley The best part of this book is Hank standing beside Lee wearing suits, guns drawn. Plus all the other guys in suits with guns.

I started a list to keep track of the names, but my OCD turned it into some comprehensive random thing;

Rock Chick Series
#1 Lee
#2 Eddie
#3 Hank
#4 Vance
#5 Luke
#6 Mace (and so it goes, billy joel)
#7 Hector* favorite of the series
#8 Ren

Mountain Men
Max The Gamble *favorite of the series
Tate Jackson Sweet Dreams
Ty Lady Luck
Chace Breathe
GraHam Reece Jagged(colder weather zac brown band)
Deck Kaleidoscope
Deke untitled
Wood untitled

Dream Men
Hawk Mystery Man
Brock Wildman brock lucas
Tack Motorcycle Man
Mitch Law Man *favorite of the series

Chaos Series
Own the Wind Shy Cage
Fire Inside Hop *fav ( you'll accompany me, Bob Seger )
Tbr = High, Hound, Joker and Rush.

To clear it up;
DECK = Chaces friend from Breathe, Kaleidoscope is his book
DEKE = biker who did bodyguard duty in Sweet Dreams, he will have a CO Mtn. Man series book
DEACON = Raids bounty hunter acquaintance, he will have an Unfinished Hero series book.

Unfinished Hero
Creed LS
Deacon tbr
Sebring (Knight's brother) tbr

Wildest Dreams Frey Drakkar
Golden Dynasty Dax Lahn
Fantastical Tor (crash into me, Dave Matthews)
Broken Dove, Apollo
Noc, untitled

Stand Alone
Playing it safe LS
Heaven and Hell
Three Wishes * fav LS

The Burg
For You LS
Joe Callahan At Peace
Games of the Heart
Golden Trail
The Promise Frankie and Benny

The Three series
With everything that I Am Vampire
Until the Stars Fall from the Sky Werewolf
Hybrid tbr

Ghosts Series
#1 dead husband
#2 LS, dead brother, kids
#4 LS, kids, dead mother, Tiny Dancer

Magdalene Series
The Will, Jacob