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Rock Chick Regret

Rock Chick Regret - Kristen Ashley this is by far the best of the Rock Chick series, although none of these girls beyond Stella actually plays an instrument, they just go to concerts and dress tacky. LOL. Her velvet ribbon around her neck matching her hair tie, oh my. She's the best dressed of the bunch, but that aint saying much.

Hector, on the other hand, is a bad ass dude He captured my interest and didn't lose it throughout.

It was complex how he was undercover for a year and befriended then betrayed her father, all the while, falling for her in her ivory tower. She had a naive innocence that was endearing. "The rose is you" (his tatoo for her).

She was also very accepting of social misfits that a real ice princess would shun, the flamboyant gay couple, the butch lesbian, Hectors unfinished house, Daisy and her dubious husband. She loves them and embraces it, without judgement, only her feeling of unworthy-ness holding her back.

The emotional pain she and the rest of the crew endure for her is charming and sweet.

"you do look like a fairy princess. Who hurts a fairy princess?"

The beginning of the book is compelling. How she comes to Lee and Hector and is turned away, then physically hurt so badly. Hector was watching her unknowingly, but inevitably, the second he turns his back, she is snatched away by the bad guys.

This one was just better than the other 6, hands down. Better flushed out, better writing. Great humor. Her not knowing how to order shots was hysterical. "what kind of shots?" "Um, shots of alcohol?" LOL.

Hector is off the charts dirty and hot. "how drunk are you? Because I'm going to fuck you so hard you scream my name and I want you to remember it"

He whispers in her ear in spanish. So sexy. We get to see him in a suit. He rides a bike, sexy as hell.

He says mean things sometimes, not even realizing he's pushing all her buttons, hurting her trust. "at least tell me your on the pill" "I never thought you were a cock tease"

But, eventually, she reveals herself and he learns to communicate better without the harshness. He says he doesn't want to be lead by his dick again, yet, he drops his pants at almost any silly thing she says. LOL. It's all good.

The scene with the father at the end is touching. Really amazing. I like how he asked to talk to his daughter without "your hands on her" and Hector left the room, trusting him not to hurt her.

Anyway, if you don't want to suffer thru 6 books of girls who think they are rock chicks but are not, you can skip all their tacky dressing and shenanigans and just read this one.