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The Mighty Storm

The Mighty Storm - Samantha Towle This book is 'Thoughtless' with better communication. Jake is no silent brooder like Kellan, he wears his impatience on his sleeve right away. "I am not the other guy. I'm the guy"

This book is staying with me. I keep flashing back to Jake singing wicked game and Mr. Briteside. I would have given it five stars if Stuart and Jake shared a drunken kiss, or a Trey style threesome. Yum....

I loved Jake on the dance floor and I loved the music (dont speak; you amd me, we used to be together...). I loved when he intimately touched her skin on her back in a club. Just totally sexy.

I like how we kind of knew what Jake was thinking even though she was clueless and insecure. Jake doesn't take the bait and fight with her when she says stupid things. And she says lots of them.

She doesn't say what she's really thinking, which I understand, but it's frustrating. She's not as bad as Keira though, by a long shot.

I really enjoyed this story. I am so frustrated with the negative review and 45 people who said "sorry you didn't like it. I'm going to skip it too" Below that, there is a review with the same number of people who loved it. So, it's subjective. I almost skipped this book based on the negative review, even deleted it from my reading list. Then I thought "Wait. I don't mind the cheating theme and I loved Thoughtless, and it sounds darn good." So I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did.

Things that could have been better for me were;
1) more sex, more details, less fade to black. More like 'Backstage Pass'
2) an epilogue and a prologue
3) would have liked to find out Vicky engineered the whole thing with ulterior motives, knowing Will was not the one for her.
4) more physical description of Jake. We don't really ever read that he is ripped, we just assume it. She is never physically described either. We need to know exactly what wet Jake looks like. and without a fade to black.
5) Would have liked a bit more alpha from Jake and a little less desperate begging. Although, I thought Jake did vulnerable beautifully. He was just a bit girly sometimes and lost his game, but that's who he is. It made him more human. A hot human male.
6) Her drinking was never addressed. She drinks like a fish. They both need a weekly trip to AA.

10+ typos. Stupid, unnecessary typos. Even in the snippet from Jakes POV at the end, it says "I touched his nose". it should say "I touched MY nose" Remember, we are in Jakes head now folks.

I volunteer to read the draft of Jakes POV for typos. Just send it to me baby....