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Cut & Run

Cut & Run  - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I didn't get most of this book. The dialogue was either over my head or too hard to follow. These guys are likable but they sure talk a lot not making much sense.

eta: after reading the whole series plus re-reading this one, i get it better. i was lost the first time.

The initial realization that there was an attraction was amazing;

"you got something you wanna tell me?" he just pulls ty by his jeans and they kiss. tys shock and doubt are great. he wants it to be true so bad. hes like a puppy who wants a treat.

"your stunning when your angry, you little fuck"

When they kiss, it's so at odds compared to their macho man personality. I like the way they touch cheecks and exchange sweet nothings in the weirdest of situations. In a airport, when they are injured. There are only two sex scenes in all 400 pages.

These boys get the crap beat out of them. I can't imagine how many scars they will have by the end of the 5th book. It's rare to have a whole series with the same leads. It's like a car wreck I can't help but gawk at.

Both of these guys are emotional wrecks and can't seem to figure out how to beat it. Yet, they are attracted to each other, confess their love, but yet still aren't confident, full on, out of the closet, together.

They never discuss the problems with coming out of the closet, they just talk about cut and run, taking off I assume. but they don't even consider being gay and keeping their jobs, mutually exclusive.

I like how they take care of eachother, but I found them both a bit pansy for me (too scared, too helpless). more sex would be good, some better editing to move the plot along faster.

I figured out the killer MO in the first chapter, so they appeared stupid to me when they only stumbled on it by chance at the end. Duh....

Ty: "your ass is more fun to look at"
Zane" "you did not just say you've looked at my ass"

" Zane was starting to piss him off again.
Which was good, he supposed. It meant the urge to lick him all over was passing, at least."

"Sure, in my Spongebob Squarepants lunch box, I have a thermos too"

this conversation totally confused me, and it's so important, I just don't get it:

Ty: I tried to get in touch with you. They said you were unreachable. you went back to Miami.

Zane: I didn't have much of a choice. It was that or New Mexico. I didn't know you were looking for me. We were buried. I called in a couple of times. They wouldn't tell me anything about you.

Ty:you've been shot again haven't you?

Zane: did you get your head on straight?

Ty:No. you did have a choice

Zane: no, I didn't want to give up on seeing you again. But it wasn't worth it to leave (huh?). We can still cut and run, but now we don't have to.

Ty: you didn't listen to a damn thing I told you?

Zane: No. Not for a while. I wasn't there.

Ty: you shouldn't have to be there to be careful.

Ughhh...what the heck are they talking about? It's too circular and confusing, add to that the text is spread out between looks up and down and says "he said" your never sure which he it is?

Whatever. I can't help myself, I must check out the train wreck that is Sticks and Stones...maybe I will start to understand these two somewhere in the next 4 books. ( eta, no doubt i did. my god i love these two)