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Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban A gay couple pretending to be a straight couple, pretending to be gay....sounds like an awful plot, but its not. It's wonderful and magic.

Zane and Ty get to try out being openly gay. They love it, I love it. Especially the pool lounge chair seduction in teeny tiny banana hammocks.

People don't really dance the tango anymore, it would have been much more sexy to see Ty in tux dancing Merengue or Salsa with the Italian woman. Just imagine, Ty slightly moving his hips with just a bend of the knee. I can hear Rob Thomas singing 'I dont wanna be lonely no more, I don't wanna have to pay for it....what if I was good to you? what if you were good to me. What if I could stay with you till I feel you move inside of me. What if it was paradise...what if I'd give all my life to stand beside you"

God, imagine Ty and Zane dancing merengue to some Ricky Martin...gah...
Ty hums in his ear...maybe someday....

Ty deals with how he feels about people knowing he is gay, the looks, and also deals with how he actually has a flamboyant side he likes, but supresses.

Zane deals with other people perceiving them as 'in love' and starts to wonder if Ty loves him, which of course, Ty already knows he does.
Zane also deals with drinking and undercover work

I loved Ty's show, touching himself and that whole sex marathon scene. Loved the sticky bits. Loved the underwater kiss and the tatoo coloring. "you're a very handsome man" Loved how Ty called him 'Zane' whenever they were intimate, instead of 'Garett'.

loved how Zane gets distracted by Ty's body and actions, and Ty has to snap him out of it. What? Oh yeah, the case...

Loved just being with them, watching them try to talk to eachother, watching them blur the lines....yumm...

The book loses credibility at the end with the slapstick. For supposedly such talented FBI agents, they sure fall off the bed and stumble around alot. They also freak out like pussies the second there is danger. They also have no clue what the case is about. It's OK though, it's all good for me.

The dialogue and head jumping is less of an issue here, except for the few paragraphs jumping into the bad guys head. Hate that. Not necessary. Still spent a lot of time re-reading to figure out who was talking and trying to decipher what they really meant.

OK, on the next book.

eta: i got my (gay) Dad a kindle so he could read this book. he loved it but was shocked that two women wrote these long graphic sex scenes, and that I read them. i told him i had no idea before about gay sex and now i know and get it, its hot. he said "you didnt hear it from me" lol.

he then continued to devour the whole series of cut and run, shockingly fast. i told him its like crack.