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Frankie and Benny

Frankie and Benny - Kristen Ashley http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JXW6GFE/?tag=angeledits-20

I'm torn on this one because some of the Benny and Frankie bits were by far five star for me, but somewhere around 75%, some serious three-star action popped up. So, overall, it's a four from me.

I liked seeing Luke Stark and Benny talking to Lee on the phone. I liked Cal obsessing over Angela. I liked Benny layin' it out honest to her and being pussy-whipped.

I hated her fucked-up family drama and the whole work thing. But all-in-all liked it better than The Will.

The Burg admittedly is not my fav series. She mentions one more in this series for Cheryl and Merry. Meh.

Anyway, despite some low points in this one, KA's formula still works on me like a magic freakin' wand. KA's badass men just speak to my heart and say what I wanna hear.

Off to read Deacon!