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Release Me

Release Me  - J. Kenner This book has taken off since I read it in 2012! Wow! And the ratings are awesome. It was pretty damn good. Amazon-->Release Me (The Stark Trilogy, Book 1)

Damien Stark is my new favorite kinky bazillionaire; hot and sweet and compassionate and a little crazy.

"Oh god, Nikki, those pearls."

*this is how the blurb should go*...
their paths had crossed briefly before, when she was still her mothers show puppet and he was a slave to his tennis prodigy. they were kindered spirits, drawn together even then, but neither one free reach out to the other.

nikki fairchild has severed her ties to her mother an is starting her career away from texas, her mother, and the pain.

the reconnection between them now is electric, powerful, undeniable, hot. damien clearly wants her, even if he doesnt remember their brief first encounter.

he uses his power and wealth to court her, fierce and fast, impatient with her fears. but when he gets her naked, she is so vulnerable and beautiful, its heart wrenching.

nikki finds herself healing through sex, through submission and from damiens all consuming passion. can damien trust nikki with his demons as well, and perhaps finally posess vibrancy in his life hes only coveted through art before?

------ the cover should be the painting in the window, with the blowing curtains and a red satin sash... her hips in gray fog...implying the secret there.

-- this is smart smut. my dictionary feature got a workout on this one, and some of my favorite big words were used here too. some of the dialogue and the internal monologue was awkward in the beginning, but these two certainly created an enchanting spell by the close.

yummy words like: conflageration, flummoxed, lithe, enigmatic, corollary, lascivious, klaxons, maelstrom, liviried, obtuse, ...just so fun to read

and I must get myself a pearl thong....asap