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A to Z (Coda Books, #2)

A to Z (Coda Books, #2) - Marie Sexton i liked this better than the first. it started friendly, but his epiphany quickly changed the tone. i liked the intensity,angst,vulnerability, the metaphors, the sex, the humor, the growth, all better than the first.

"you dont have to be smart to read books. lots of idiots read books"

"i wanted to sink into him forever, burn myself into him until we became one "

"four fags watching football, must be pretty fuckin cold in hell right now"

loved possesive angel " crazy bastard" loved his exotic bird impudent sexuality, his complex pain that cant be contained, loved his angry rage, wish he could have got a punch in. loved how zach handled him with patience and reverence. loved the heat between them. anyway....loved it.