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The Education of Sebastian

The Education of Sebastian - Jane Harvey-Berrick I agree with the reviews, these books are goooooood! The author can be proud of herself. The sex scenese are hot, Hunter is totally sexy and vulnerable and sweet and funny and lovable. The writing flows well, there are several memorable moments of romance, and angst highlighted by good continuity.

However, I didn't enjoy reading these two books. LOL.

The first one is riddled with the anxiety of getting caught and the second one is just too infuriating. Caroline is nearly as awful as Keira in mind-fucking a good man. The second book should be called 'The Emasculation of Hunter'.

She breaks him. He is like a little vulnerable turtle fledgling in the sand trying to get to the ocean and she is too self absorbed and insecure to rescue him. She just lets him get beaten and broken. and he lets her over and over. She wrecks him. She is a cold crazy bitch.

Most of the story is light hearted and sexy, but the overlying angst and pain were too much for me. If you are stronger than me, you will be able to enjoy the good despite the bad. but the separation here was just too long and painful for me to overcome, both knowing it was coming and dealing with it.

In the second book, Caroline shows no signs of contriteness. She comes off as uptight, pretentious, and unforgiving. She should be the one groveling, crying, apologizing. Her apology is defensive and accusatory. And he loves it.

Having anger at a book does not mean it's bad, it's actually good that the author got me to care so much, but I like to enjoy my reads more than this.

The writing is slightly too long and shallow in some spots, but that was forgivable. The unforgivable part was Caroline's mood swings and utter stupidity.

Now sweet boy, come over here and let mama kiss it all better and show you how a real cougar treats her man.