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Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel

Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel - Kristen Ashley I liked Shy's conviction, strength, and integrity. So strongly stating what he feels and not backing down, even when the Club challenged him. He had an honor about him, standing up for his woman to anyone, her mother, his brother, even tack allen, he never faltered.
I got a warm fuzzy from this one, but most of the conflict was external to the relationship.
Shy talks...alot. he's very touchy feely 'are we good?' A little emo drama queen, but its all good, cuz he's hot in bed, and romantic.
I loved the earring thread, so so sweet.

KA's books are just consistently enjoyable, satisfying reads and i am in total awe of her prolific-ness.

Oh, and hello Mitch Lawson...how you doin handsome? I love when all the hotties get together and have convos with very few words and lots of meaning. Just wish they'd all get naked and screw eachother someday. I dreamed a dream....
Also, Elvira got herself a chocolate badass somewhere off screen, but he is deelish.