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Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace - Christine Zolendz One of my all-time favorite reads. Free to borrow with Prime or Kindle Unlimited-->Fall From Grace (Mad World Book 1)

Shane Maxton..silent, strong, beautiful, sexy, sweet.

Everything that this man does and says just surprised me and touched me and I would just love to wake up every morning with him kissing my shoulder, rolling on top of me, growling, gasping, chuckling,fingertips teasing.
Or have him sneak up behind me, grasp my hands in his, nuzzle my hair, and whisper raspy sweet things in my ear.
I'd love to watch his mouth drop open at my outfit, dance with him, have him save me from a fire calling me baby, and telling me he loves me or sit in front of him while he drives my motorcycle, with his arm around my waist.
Or watch him turn his head in jealousy, clench his fists, throw me on the bed, up against the door, wherever. You get the idea.
I uncharacteristically loved the witty dialog too, just hysterical.
Whatever this book has, it's what I like.

"Desperately want to change the rules," Shane whispered.

"Dude, tell her to get in the fort!"

"Why she thought you could make cocoa from instant pudding is beyond me."

"What is a fuckasstard? Its a fucking asshole retard, or a fucking asshole in a leotard. Shane is both."