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Real - Katy Evans I've got a song on my ipod for you remy, it goes like this:
'Why can't I get just one fuck?
I guess it's got something to do with luck
but I waited my whole life for just one...
Oh ma mumma mamma mo ma mum'

The first half of this book reminds me of my 8 yrs of chastity before I met my dear husband. There was lots of dry humping and hot kisses above the waist. When I finally met my husband, I made him promise he'd marry me before we did the deed. Like Remy needed a guarantee to protect his heart.

I don't like books that romanticize mental illness, too personal for me. I have way too many opinions about it all to enjoy the fantasy perspective.
I also don't like first person present tense POV: "I am in the presidential suite again"

But....I loved Remy and I agree, he's totally hot. He's the biggest, sweetest, sweaty hunk of man I've ever read. Thank God he finally gave it to her, and up against the wall at that. Good job.
And he is so vulnerable yet unable to express it, he should play Kelly Clarksons Dark Side for her;
Everybody's got a dark side, do you love me? can you love mine? will you stay? Even if I push you out? will you return?'

Real needs some tighter editing, the word 'clench' is used 69 times in this book. some very annoying typos. Some odd phrases like 'scratched my channel, my cleft, between my the lips of my sex, rubbed my nubbin' it almost seemed intentional to be creative, but its not necessary here. Pussy, clit, cock. The basics.

The second half of this book is infinitely better than the first, as if the author improved her own skills as she was writing. Rarely do i have such a change of opinion, but by the end of this book, at remys speech and thoughts, i was undone.

'Oh ma mumma mamma mo ma mum'