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Sinner, Savior

Sinner, Savior - Avril Ashton If the first book is instalove GFY constant sex, then this one is antagonistic, unrequited, constant sex. Its all good. This one has more story detail. It's def more than 160 pages, more like 250. Its good. I like the style, the badass, the angst and the dialog. Even if Angelo and Pablo are serial killers, lol.
Shane is also the worst Special Agent ever. His cover gets blown to bits and he gets the crap beat out of him with no fight. He never even shoots anyone.
I would have liked to see more physical descriptions of the men, their tats, their heights, etc.

And HUGE kudos to avril and Ellora's Cave for No typos in either book. An extra star just for that. That makes me so happy. Wish i knew how to add gifs cuz i would put a happy dance one here.