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Gaywyck: A Novel

Gaywyck: A Novel - Vincent Virga Building to a complicated messy ending, this story is beautiful. The MC is so lost in romance, it's hard to tell what is real or imagined.
If your a literary type, you'll love the constant references to classics, almost telling the story through other stories. Wuthering Heights was my first favorite book as a teen, along with the opera and botanical references, i felt as if reading a poem of all my favorites combined.

Being a mom of twins also struck my heart;
"They trespass on eachothers souls in the womb"

I was as enamoured with Donough as I am with my modern heros with wisps of hair in their eyes, and my Robert was a very hot sweet Zac Effron. The sex is only alluded to in romantic dreamy prose, but my imagination filled the void with the endless sex scenes I've read recently.

And the greatest magic here, is that I share this with my Dad. He trusted me with his tattered treasured paperback, with handwritten definitions as a bookmark. (Then I proceeeded to read the kindle version because paperback sucks). The kindle version also has an afterward worthy of a literature class composition.
There is something here I've been longing for in more current m/m books. An intelligence, and a respectable honor, complicated thoughts and plots, and a romanticism i just dont see. Perhaps it's considered too 'cheesy' or not what people are looking for, or maybe i need to seek out books of this type?
And, i'm glad i made it through, that is one long sucker. Lol.