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Tangled (The Tangled Series)

Tangled (The Tangled Series) - Emma Chase I agree, it's good. I'm not going gonzo like everyone else, but i did enjoy it. I forgive the annoying first person, present tense, speaking to the reader pov, because the editing is good and tight. Only one typo and verb tense is consistent.

Slow start for me, but I was charmed with Drew by 47%.
A few sparks before then, but not blown away until the sex started. I really was surprised how good the sex scenes were. They go at it like bunnies. That girl is going to be sore for days.
Loved the song 'Then' and the other songs too, perfect lyrics for the moment.

The humor consists of Seinfeld-like references to pop culture, what men think, how women pull hair bands out of mid-air, Will Farell, 80's songs, Guitar Hero, those kinds of things. It works, but its a bit condescending as it explains its own humor to you. Yes, I get it, don't need to explain it to me.
Also didn't like him calling it a 'snatch' after he already 'nailed her', his tone could have changed to be less crass once she made herself vulnerable. but i get thats part of his personality too.

Overall its creative and funny and risky and it's good. What a great debut novel for an indie author. Very excited for Emma Chase, don't know her, but I always feel happy when someone's first book gets really great reviews and a buzz.

No idea why it's called Tangled, but who cares, the cover is hot and the sex is hot and it's good.

(at the time of this review; 4.64 stars and 638 ratings. I like to watch how these change over time.)