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Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley Deck lifted his hand and wrapped his fingers in a firm grip around the side of Chace's neck. They locked eyes.
'Happy for you man.'
Chace lifted his hand and returned Deck's gesture.

****OMG! Can we please have a KA M/M book? Please! With strawberries on top?***

And...I just realized a theme of the mountain man series They contain kidnappings. Seems obvious but I never put it together before.
now I'm wondering about her other series' too? def 'the burg' was murder, and 'mystery' men is self explanatory.

Anyhoo, loved Kaleidoscope as much as the others in this series. I like the relationship focused, well developed story. I like the good guy, genius aspect of this and the subtle complicated conflict.

There is some discussion about the loss of a child. The irony that loving a child so much can leave you paralyzed with fear.
A painful subject for me, but also a sweet reminder not to let such fears overpower.

Loved Jacob's two sides; crude alpha vs. gentle saint. I wish more of the story was about his issues. Why the Hell was he hung up on someone named Elsbeth all those years? Elsbeth? really?

I'm glad we got some mountain man pool action. These boys should be constantly wet I think. yep.

Did a little fangirl squee at the mention of Hector's name, and the hot bunch doing some manual labor together. whew. nice.

There is something so warm and comforting about this writing style, the dialogue familiar, strong, and funny. All confirming my 'Kristen Ashley is a genius' theory.

Editing notes.
The cover looks alot like [bc:Starting Over|12646839|Starting Over (Treading Water, #3)|Marie Force|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1318342662s/12646839.jpg|17760019]. The perspective on the cover is incorrect, making the house appear like it's folding outward, the mountains are too small. If you're going to use graphics, at least use good ones. That said, I love the green theme.

Three typos. One excruciating one in the epilogue. How can you not read the most important sentence in the whole book? His hands would treat me with just as much care....grrrrr.

not angry enough to take away a star though.

Jacob. Decker. sigh....

'Want you to kiss me, honey' she murmured.
'Taste of you baby' he reminded her.
'I don't care' she replied, then lost patience as she bent her neck to take his mouth.