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One Sweet Ride

One Sweet Ride - Jaci Burton amazon--->http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009NY44Z6/?tag=angeledits-20
This girls job is to post on facebook? Lol.
i read this book concurrently with book 5. The books are identical with the exception of baseball versus racing. Both glorifying a sexual relationship as enough to make a marriage. Strong women, weak whiny men.
If you have to chose between the two, i'd say go for the baseball one.
The race car driver was hotter and he was a closet bazllionaire, so he spoiled her nicely. But the baseball one had a sweeter connection and felt more like love. Evelyn is not likable...at all.
These books are easy, relaxing, beach house, fancy hotel, etc....but there is zero angst and nothing happens.
Works good for me when i need to spend time with my family, its easier to put down and get the dishes done, but we all know thats not why we read is it?
I dont feel bad for being honest here because while the author did a great job of painting the world of NLB and racing, there was little creativity. It was like reading the same book twice; omelette, omelette, mom calls, mom calls, lunch with hot jocks, undress, orgasms, cuddle, repeat.
Of the series, book 2 is the best, it has more tension and angst because the girl was the villian in the first book and theres more passion and some domination type stuff.
There is little to no kink in the other books. If your going to give this series a try, start with book 2 and see what you think of it.