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Crossing the Line (Battered Hearts #3)

Crossing the Line (Battered Hearts #3) - Kele Moon I walked right into this one folks.image
High ratings, long separation, you know its gonna be painful.
There is just never a good enough reason and no way to make up for it and it ain't fun for me.

I also had serious issues with the pacing. The first chapter should have been labeled a prologue, then the flashback wouldnt have been so damn distracting.
But the first chapter was well developed and gut wrenching and I just felt anxious to get back to it.

I mean it's nice to learn the whole story and all (in detail, from first fucking grade). The first chapter became more and more meaningful as they grew up knowing all that went down.

But then.... it skipped the first four months after their reunion!

And the pregnant sister stuff = not fun.

If the separation had been three years instead of 13, like it was in her book, then the whole thing would've just been less tragically irreparable.

"What if we told him? Have you considered that? That poor man still thinks you left over a fight."

yes, what if we told the poor man?

After the poor man figures it out, after 13 fucking years, then the story picks up again and is better. I liked watching Wy Wy try to hold himself back from "crossing the line".
Wyatts character is developed well. we really see his silly banter, his bitter regret, his fierce anger. But seriously, he never dated anyone else? In 13 fucking years?

There is fun integration with the previous books. Clay is like a third MC. And the Casanova boys are awesome.

The word "ain't" occurs 265 times in this book. "That ain't a lie"