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Unhinge the Universe

Unhinge the Universe - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt Similar to special forces, but less disturbing, more sweet. There no rape or Vadim screaming "flank them" lol.
But there is a tenuous, building, heat that is sweet and sexy. There's no candles up the ass, but there is some shaving, knife play, rubbing in the cold, and a strong man broken by chains. And the appreciation of simple things like a warm bed, food, real coffee, and feeling safe.
It was confusing for me to be in Hagans head, seeing americans as removed from myself, but also good for me to see his pov. I was pretty clueless about the war stuff, but my husband filled in the blanks, once again amazing me with his knowledge. Esp. WWII, but he can also easily discuss many of the other topics that come up in my reading. (UFC, rodeos, mafia, sports) really smart one i picked...
But i digress...
So the charm here is in moments like this;
Kissing a man like this was the most perfect thing he'd done in his whole life. Like he couldn't possibly make a mistake, like it was meant to be like this. And half his life he'd wondered why nothing made sense, and what the missing answers were, and the other half, he'd been too scared to seek them out.

Ironically this is one i could share with my Dad, but alas cant because he's from Holland and prefers not to relive the war atrocities he witnessed as a young man.

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And really not sure it's 288 pages, but then kindle doesnt have real page numbers do they? Why? Rolls eyes up to the Heavens.