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Shock & Awe

Shock & Awe  - Abigail Roux Only the evil genius Abigail Roux could squeeze so much juice into 67 pages. This author is behaving badly, she needs to write more. quickly. and stop with the delicious teasing.

This felt like coming home. To be a fly on the wall in Nick and kelley's intimate relationship. Then to see Ty and Zane, and my men salute...gah! Thank God they weren't in uniform. It'd be too much.

Kelly sure is enthusiastic and Nick is hesitant, then relents. Totally hot and sweet.

Something about the combination of gruff no-nonsense and tender attention was hitting buttons Kelly had never known he possessed. He could hear hints of the staff sergeant giving orders in Nick’s words, but they were blunted by caresses full of adoration and mischief. It was a heady mixture, and it was signature Nick O’Flaherty.

He felt like a door had been opened last night, a door he’d never known existed.
That would be the closet door with Kelly popping out. Surprise!