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Three Wishes

Three Wishes - Kristen Ashley This ain't about genies folks. This is about a sexy, suit wearing, broken, bazillionaire who's arctic heart is finally melted when he finds his soul mate, told with the heart and warmth and honesty only Kristen Ashley can do.

This book suffers from a case of misleading blurb, inaccurate title, and wrong cover. I would have called it deepest wish or just 'Wish' and let the genie thing be a spoiler. The cover should have a man in a tux, touseled hair;

Kristen Ashley creates continuous moments that dazzle me; sweet neck murmurs while in meaningful embrace.

"I didn't know."

"Thank you for naming her after me, and thank you for making her so lovely. "

I don't like long separations and i dont like kids as MC's generallly, but this....is an exception.
I do not know what the heck it is with KA, but i fall for this shit hook line sinker, everytime. I am done doubting her.
If i had a genie, I'd wish for a KA book like this every month forever!