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The Vampire Queen's Servant

The Vampire Queen's Servant  - Joey W. Hill I loved it. Perhaps a bit too deep on the philosophy stuff, but deep is good. I love Stuart Reardon for Jacob.

Jacob is sexy and charmimg and brave and devoted. All the good things my hero should be. In this book and [b:Rough Canvas|5709572|Rough Canvas (Nature of Desire, #6)|Joey W. Hill|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1226767001s/5709572.jpg|5881169], the 'Dom' is soft. Jacob is not her slave or her submissive. And ordering him to top two women at once is not punishment. She never whips him or really even hurts him. That's fine with me, i don't like mean scary Doms (Dommes in this case).


Excited for the next book, but feel daunted by the 13 in this series. One down....