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Glitterland - Alexis Hall Adrien English meets Jersey Shore.

This is like a Rylan Clark fanfic. If you don't care for him, then this book might not be for you, but if you think he's sweet and hot and dazzling, as i do, then you'll dig it.
http://m.youtube.com/#/results?q=rylan%20clark&oq=rylan%20clark&gs_l=youtube-reduced.3..0l4.2046.5001.0.5431. check out his interview with Alan Carr, and big brother best moments.
Quote from the author; This is a little bit embarrassing, but GLITTERLAND was basically inspired by Rylan Clark, who was a contestant on the UK X Factor in 2012. Obviously, Darian isn’t Rylan Clark because that’d be weird, but there was such a backlash against Rylan from all sorts of people that I decided to write a book celebrating the sort of things he seems to stand for – instinctive kindness, exuberant passion for life, and an unflinching determination to be who you are. (also his childlike innocence I'm sure)
I am so dying to know what Rylan thinks of this book.

I had no problem reading the accent and understood Ash's curmudgeoness. Once you've been labeled with a mental illness, it's hard to believe you are valuable, lovable, normal, even if its under control with meds and counseling. There's always that fear of it sweeping in and stealing precious things from you.

I did similar things with my hubby. Deleted pictures, didn't believe it could work, almost ruined it with my stupid words. But he was just the thing I needed, light, beautiful, a little naive and optimistic, believing in me.
And here I am 10 yrs later still feeling like the crazy chick unworthy of the hot guy who thinks I'm awesome. He is beautifully impervious to my mercurial melancholy, and it is perfect for me.
So, this is also the story of Glitterland and this is why i related so well, and loved it.

In addition to the mind-twisting metaphors, random cultural references, and self-deprecating humor. Oh and the wrist-licking sex.

Fav. Quotes;
-Of course, it was possible he didn't exist, but I doubted even the extremity of my psychosis could conjure up such a man.-

-Maybe, when he touched me, color would spill from his hands like heat.-

-And God. I wanted. I wanted these crumbs of bliss.-

-It occurred to me that I was almost, something close to ... happy.-

My first date with my hubby, I said exactly that. I was shockingly happy, in an unfamiliar way (now, of course very familiar).

He would move on, and I would live like this, trapped within my wasted days, while the world cast at my feet the bright reflections of his image, like shells from the receding tide.

becalmed-leave a vessel unable to move for lack of wind
bespoke- made to order clothing
bathetic- anticlimax caused by a lapse in mood from sublime to ridiculous

My second read, I saw Darian differently thru Ash's eyes. He seemed more of an alpha, smarter, possessive, brave. Really attractive. Ash never really thinks Darian is stupid. Ash feels lucky to be in his presence.


I love this book and I love my rescue dog. ;)