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Brothers of the Wild North Sea

Brothers of the Wild North Sea - Harper Fox This book sang to me. The cadence, prose, metaphors, themes.
I've had an itch for a Nagron-like book and also have a fetish for the inner turmoil of hot monks/priests, as they are men afterall.
It's a long dense poetic read, with lots of challenging vocab words. You've got to be in the mood to sink into it. This was my first Harper Fox and one of my first historicals.

I've always been interested in the early Christians and the irony of the violence that accompanies men who speak of peace.
I love every mention of the sand, sea, shore. Maybe because the North Sea is my blood as well, and i can almost taste its salty sweet cold wind. I love the latin plant names, they speak my language (botanist here)

I liked the enemies/opposites here. The viking being like the barbarians in the am-ex commercial, vs. the monk, seeking peace with a warm gentle heart.
Fen is a sympathetic fish outta water and Cai is a reluctant leader, questioning his own faith. Fen is funny, insane, loyal, hot, and magically rescues his man from peril several times.

There is a hint of mysticism, but most of the story is not fantasy. Interesting wolf telepathy theme.
I like that the blurb actually tells what happens in the story, a novel idea.

There could have been a bit more action, fen's pov, a more detailed explanation of the mystic parts, more sex. but i accept the story for what it is. A well written, beautiful smart mm love story.

My new vocab words:
Coruscate, of light, sparkle or flash
Refectory, cafeteria in a school or church
Polyglot, multi-lingual
Tonsure, shaved head of a monk
Lambent, glowing gleaming
Tussock, grass that grows taller in an area
Cassock, the robes monks wear.
Tup, a ram (also slang.to have sex.with)
Swive, to have intercourse with