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Bad Idea

Bad Idea - Damon Suede Perhaps me reading this was a Bad Idea?

I made it thru the first few sex scenes. They were hot, but squeaked me out (eating your own come). I just can't see Trip as a top.

It's just very hard for me to figure out what these two are on about. At one point, Trip even admits he doesn't get the reference.

T: Most people think I'm a nutbag. hmmmmm......

S: I want the next thing. But then, of course, I don't want any of that because I don't want just that. You, I mean. That is, all that would probably be a horrible mistake because its what I would do, not what I should do.

I wish I could finish and rate this, but I can't. (It would have been a two or one star). In all fairness, I didn't like Hot Head either, so I've wandered outside my comfort zone. I also have zero interest / experience with comics. I have no idea what a graphic journal is.