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Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone - S.E. Jakes Despite the hot needy creative sex, I still had trouble really caring for these guys. Everything was there, the story made sense, they had angst and issues and guns and kink, so it was good. I think the sentimentality seemed out of character, and much of the story was over the top, creating a cartoony, non-realistic feel for me. They also were just hiding out much of the time, going over 'the issues' again and again. BUT it's worth the read for the hurricane, wall, floor, washer scene alone.
4 painful typos
And really? Velcro handcuffs? For a man who is a weapon? That really bugged me. In a survival bag, you could throw in some real cuffs, or at least a dildo.
I have a confession I have this fantasy, of connecting ALL T's piercings with a chain....the chain can also connect other places, but I don't want to be vulgar. That is my weird, irrational, random kink. Lol.