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Provoked - Joanna Chambers All that stuff in the blurb is not really part of the story. Its hinted at, but I didnt get that from the story. Interesting. Who writes the blurbs?

What I liked here was Balfours intentional seduction. This is a big hot mysterious possessive rich alpha pursuing a meek, lonely, poor, beautiful, smaller man.

David is sort of sad and lonely, seeking oblivion in whisky. He spends much of the book walking away from Balfour, while Murdo calls his name and rushes to catch up to him. Murdo confronts him angrily several times "Is he your lover?" "Why did you do such a stupid thing"? "Don't wish me happiness."

My problem with the first part, which was obviously not meant to be an ending, is David's clueless. He has no idea, nor does he even fathom, that Murdo has feelings for him. So, there's no real romance. Murdo is having an intense relationship with his own thoughts, and David refuses to even participate.

It reminded me of [b:Captive Prince: Volume One|9305362|Captive Prince Volume One (Captive Prince, #1)|C.S. Pacat|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1356028113s/9305362.jpg|14188292], lots of tension, but little sex and no relationship. however, the two sex scenes here were amazing and David is very sympathetic.

Sooooo, hopefully "part 2" reveals Murdos pov and Davids heart defrosts.