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The Will

The Will - Kristen Ashley amazon-->The Will (The Magdalene Series Book 1)

Indeed (76 occurrences).
Further (72).
Thus (101).

This woman does not snack. Ever. She doesn't enjoy sport. She doesn't like kids. She doesn't hug. She's never walked holding a man's hand. She's never had a home (she lived in her boss's pool house).
She's a cold fish.
It's a disguise, preventing people from getting close and hurting her.
I think she's not meant to be likable and the intended appeal is the softening heart of the fashion diva, like Wilhemena in Ugly Betty or Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.
Her cluelessness and lack of life experience are meant to show her vulnerability. And your supposed to feel compassion for this fish out of water, lost, lonely girl.

Suffice it to say, I just did not buy it. I did not feel the magic. Except with Amond. I want some Amond Joy dark chocolate yummy love.

I liked Jake's pov, I liked the pillow talk and the sex.
But, I was turned off by Jake's three failed marriages, and the titty bar, regardless if it's "respectable".
I would have liked to see Josie helping them get real jobs instead of straightening their hair. Or even a modeling gig?

The intention here was that Jake is redeemed depite his shaky past, a sort of anti-hero theme. Similar to Knight, which I also didn't care for.
Jake is supposedly insecure of his worthiness of this chick, but his thoughts and actions are not consistent with that.

So both characters present this sort of ironic situation, that just didn't resonate with me.
A damaged Mary Poppins is rescued from her self imposed isolation by this insecure titty bar owner with a bad track record.
It's supposed to be polar opposites conquer all despite their circumstances, but the juxtaposition was too much here for me to believe it.

I also really disliked that the whole boxing arena knew about the locker room and cheered.
I didn't like her meddling in teen drama and her lying.
I didn't like the children being abandoned by their real mothers and substituting Josie.
I totally gave up when she kissed another guy, and Jake didn't go ballistic.

I may return to this when I'm in a less sour mood. But today ain't the day I'm gonna finish this behemoth.
I did change my mind on a second read of [b:Golden Trail|12012999|Golden Trail (The 'Burg, #3)|Kristen Ashley|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328120012s/12012999.jpg|16978039], which was very similar to this.
I personally like the new concise streamlined KA style, and do not need all the details from this chick's brain.

I would not rec this to KA virgins. Start with The Gamble, but Not This.
I still absolutely adore and respect KA's mad genius, this one I just didn't buy in.


Before release; People please dont rate til it comes out or you've read the arc.

And that is lavender on the cover. I thought it was lupine, but I was wrong. They have been photoshopped, but they are lavender. Lavandula angustifolia.