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If It Drives

If It Drives - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov If your boss asks you to fuck him, is that topping from the bottom?

This was good! The dynamic between Cal and James was emotional and credible. The sexual tension was hot as they struggle to define themselves without knowing the words.

I'd call it light BDSM despite all their talk of sadism and stuff. A few spanks and a some yummy CBT on red-tie's pool table. I love the way they all got turned on and fidgety when they talked about domination and pain.

It was fun to spend time with Nick and Spencer and even the paintball boys made an appearance. No Tristan in this one though :(

Cal is a good guy. I wish there was an epilogue so we could see them established together. Maybe someday. I hope Cal becomes a writer and moves into the big house.

I'm thinking Cal is hot and doesn't even know it. That's why all the rentboys wanted to help him and why his boss grabbed his package. That's all left to subtext, but I think it's a fair guess.