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Lick  - Kylie Scott amazon-->Lick (A Stage Dive Novel Book 1)

Play that lick again, Dave.

Imagine being plucked from your life and landing smack dab in the middle of the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

And Dave Navarro is a really nice guy who's sweet on you.

And he's totes rich and famous, but he likes you for you.

And Flea's nice too.

The role of Flea in this fantasy is played in the book by Mal, who swears he'll never marry. We shall see Mal. We. Shall. See. April 2014.

Anyway, loved it. Very, honest, visceral story. Minus one star for typos and a few extra sex scenes that didnt really advance the plot. But kudos for several scenes that didn't end in sex.

Yeah. They’d been together for years. David was gutted. Then some bitch he slept with sold her story to the tabloids. Also, his mother left when he was twelve. Expect there to be some issues all round where women are concerned.

David has the sexiest way of saying "Mm." And "No."
“That’s good. I’m glad.”