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Hellion - Elle Casey I'm going with Stuart Reardon as my flirtatious bad boy. Then again, I'd go to him for anything.

The heroines in this series put on a tough snarky exterior to protect themselves. The humor here is very self-deprecating.
"I'm an asshole."

This kind of humor is risky, cuz sometimes people start to believe you are an asshole.

Luckily our RW boys see thru to the sweet, they get it.

I lik-it. It's different and funny and subtle. The guys are personable, yet tough and hot, and so sweetly quietly vulnerable.

I loved that the Colin thing here wasn't obvious. The reader is left to figure him out, and sort of fall for him too, at the same time as Mick. And of course, we're all already gone for Rebel.

REBEL, COLIN , AND MICK ARE all standing outside waiting for Teagan’s arrival. As soon as she sees that wall of gorgeously muscled badassery, she starts crying all over again. I can’t help but be a little stunned by the picture they make myself. Get in my panties, boys. Holy, holy.

This is interesting:
clench = 0 occurrences, yep zero!
eyebrow = 55 occurrences.